A Beautiful Night For Vancouver’s Music Community

Daniel Hersog Jazz Orchestra at Pat's Pub Nov 10th 2017
You will have to forgive me for the gauche title, but I’m still riding the high of a special evening. Professionally it was an evening of several milestones, the biggest crowd yet, my first foray into writing for strings, and nine new completed musical arrangements. As satisfying as that was, it is thoughts of community that have been front of mind since the concert concluded.

I am completely uncompromising in who fills the chairs of my jazz orchestra.   I am blessed to have a band filled with musical role models and in some cases people whose records I wore out when I was in high school. When it came time to contract a string section, I was nervous to say the least. I have had little participation in Vancouver’s classical and new music scene. I am often an audience member but save for Easter Sunday and a couple other events in a year I rarely find myself in an “orchestra.”

I was overwhelmed with the warmth and positivity I received from Vancouver’s string community.   I encountered a group of people willing to bend over backwards to make a rehearsal, a group of people happy to exchange their seat on well lit Orpheum and Queen Elizabeth stages for a blue folding chair at Pat’s Pub.   Most importantly I worked with a group eager to do it again.

This article is guilty of some of the dichotomies that this show subverted. Classical vs. Jazz, Strings vs. Horns.   This show was one example of the cross-pollination and interconnectivity that exists in our Vibrant musical community. A show of which I was proud to be a part.

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